Rethinking the Reverse Mortgage

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Rethinking the Reverse Mortgage

Many people have preconceived notions about reverse mortgages as a last resort financial tool. You may be thinking "I do not need a Reverse Mortgage." 

In fact the Reverse Mortgage has evolved into one of the most powerful financial planning tools available to people age 62+. 

Hi, I am Toney Sebra, and I have helped many clients improve their financial outcomes and enjoy a more successful and sustainable retirement picture. I work in tandem with Financial Advisors, CPAs and Estate Planning Attorneys to strengthen a holistic financial plan

Research indicates a reverse mortgage paired with a sizeable investment portfolio improves retirement outcomes.

 I can show you how a Reverse Mortgage can be used to:

  • Improve cash flow from paying off a mortgage.
  • Get tax-free income.
  • Reduce withdrawal drain on investment accounts.
  • Pay for in home care or other expenses.
  • Save on taxes.

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