Reverse Mortgages for Financial Planning

Are You Helping Your Clients Utilize Reverse Mortgages?
Rethink the Reverse Mortgage

Are you utilizing one of your client’s biggest financial assets (their home equity) to help support their retirement income plan?

No longer a "loan of last resort," the new reverse mortgage can be used in a variety of ways to your clients’ benefit.

You may be thinking, “My client has plenty of money” or “I cannot invest the housing wealth.”

We cannot invest equity proceeds, but most clients are ill-prepared for long-term care costs.

I work with hundreds of financial advisors and their clients to tailor fit retirement income plans that include both sides of the financial balance sheet (investable assets and home equity). The results are:
• improved retirement outcomes
• portfolio preservation
• reduced portfolio volatility
• tax reduction
• greater legacy for your beneficiaries

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